For Media/Organizational Partnership Queries: partnerships@kidslearncode.org 

For other queries on courses: contact@kidslearncode.org  


What type of courses are available for students?

Kids Learn Code organises annual online coding workshops on Scratch or Python. These workshops will be conducted at least once a year, with a high engagement rate.

What can my child look forward to in each lesson?

In our online workshops, we try to make the lessons as engaging as possible. This is made possible by interactive quizzes, discussions as well as project works which promotes 21st Century skills such as Creativity and Confidence.

How much is each workshop? 

Unless otherwise stated, all online workshops are free of charge as we would like to ensure that all students can take part in them!

What if the workshops do not meet the minimum requirements?

In the event of low sign-ups for classes, Kids Learn Code will notify parent/guardians as soon as possible. In the follow-up email, we will provide alternatives. 

I know of a group of students who want to learn coding but are hindered by financial constraints. What can I do? 

As we work towards our mission of allowing underprivileged students to learn code, we will be more than happy to conduct such workshops. Please do not hesitate to email us at contact@kidslearncode.org and we will try to find the most suitable solution!


How much is the lead time for each workshop? 

To ensure that our trainers are well-prepared as well as everything goes smoothly, we ask for a minimum of 3-months notice to plan and conduct the workshop.

What is the fee for workshops?

If the target audience of the students are underpriviledged and fits our age range, the cost of the workshop will be free!

How do I register interest for a workshop to be conducted? 

We will try our best to accomodate all requests as much as possible. Please contact us via partnerships@kidslearncode.org to share with us your needs and let us see how we can best help you

How long is one workshop?

As every workshop has its own needs and requirements, we cannot state a specific time, however, below is a rough guide.

Want to find out more?

Do drop our friendly team an email at contact@kidslearncode.org!