Allowing all students to learn coding for free

One Step at a Time

Kids Learn Code

is a non-profit Ground-Up Initiative specialising in providing free coding education to students aged 7-12. We aim to engage and ignite kids’ passion for coding in an evolving world, and we envision a world where every child has access to quality coding education. 

Skills Developed

Kids Learn Code's workshops are meticulously designed to complement our distinctive CODE framework. Beyond acquiring coding skills, students engage in a holistic learning experience where they cultivate essential interpersonal skills vital for success in diverse life endeavours. Unlike conventional workshops, we prioritize integrating these valuable skills into our curriculum, providing students with a comprehensive foundation that empowers them to excel in coding and various projects and challenges they partake in.


Students are taught how to make slides and present them in our workshops. This allows them to gain confidence in their future projects


Originality is crucial in the hackathon segment. Students are encouraged to come up with new ideas using the problem statement

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a new addition to the framework. Students are taught how to stay safe and also code better with Computational Thinking 


Engagement is crucial for students to absorb knowledge. With quizzes and hackathons, students stay focused and satisfied during workshops!


June 2022

Idea for Kids Learn Code launched. Planning started and curation of materials was carried out.

November 2022

All our resources were compiled, and we were trained and ready for the workshop. In this month, we also partnered up with Bagus Together (formerly Ground-Up Initiative), and became an official Ground-Up

March to June 2023

Partnership with Anderson Primary School in a 6-Session Physical Workshop where students learnt Scratch

< Project made by a group of participants from our workshop!

September 2023

Introduction of new add-ons to course content, including a Computational Thinking course segment to teach students how to think like a computer.

November 2023

Conducted a 2nd Online Virtual Workshop, this time on Python, with students from more than 3 different countries joining us! 

More workshops (at least 2 more...) conducted this year will be updated here as soon as possible! If you or your organisation/company wants to help contribute to running this course, do contact us at!